November 2018

On November 18, The Local Division of Matica Slovenska in Rybnik in cooperation with the Parish Ministry organized a festive concert on the occasion of „The Year 2018“, which has been taken for the Year of The Slovak Nationhood. This is due to the 8 important anniversaries coming on force in 2018. The festive concert took place in The Sacrosanct Trinity church in Rybnik. The reverend Štefan Kováč opened the concert mentioning in his speech also all, for the Slovak Nation significant anniversaries in 2018, having been done down in history of the Slovak Nation.
The gravity of the event underlined the performance of Bystričan singing choir, which, beeing directed by the choirmaster Štefan Martinkovič interpreted seven impressive sacral compositions: Laudate Dominum, Vezmi Pane život môj, O Cor Jesu, Stabat Mater, Veni Jesu, Dona Nobis Pacem, Tebe pojem and the Toast song from the Ukrainian composer Bortňansky. The performance was a great success. The other performers were well accepted, as well: Mrs. Anna Dubovcová from Žilina declaimed verses from famous Slovak bards. Andrea Harmadyová and Jozef Polc from Rybnik sang duetos beeing accompanyied by the guitar of Jozef Polc.
The Bystričan singers, satisfied and encouraged by the applause of Mr. Martinkovič, which is, in his case a very rare occurence, sang all the way back to Bratislava.

L. Perosi: Laudate dominum

W. A. Mozart: Vezmi pane život môj

O Cor Jesu

Z. Kodály: Stabat Mater

L. Cherubini: Veni Jesu

W. A. Mozart: Dona Nobis Pacem

D. Bortnjanskij: Tebe pojem

L. Bortnjanskij: Mnohaja lita