October 2018

The Bystrican choir performed in Galanta. It represented the Bratislava county at the gala program dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Matica Slovenska division in Galanta and the 25th anniversary of the Matica Slovenska House in Galanta, which took place on October 26 in the Galanta Courthouse. It was the 10th annual gala program of the Slovak ethnic choirs associated within Matica Slovenska all over Slovakia. In the 15 minutes program Bystrican sang several lovely folksongs coming from the Zahorie (West Slovakia) region, as well as a national song Slovensko moje, being led by the choirmaster Štefan Martinkovič playing accordion. The manager of the Matica Slovenska House in Galanta Bc. Zlatica Gažová awarded each choir a memorandum and invited the participants to a „glass of wine“ reception. At the end of the official program all the participants sang together the anthem of Matica Slovenska.

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U Hochštetna

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Slovensko moje

Author of videos: Peter Horňák