May 2019

The Maypole Setting Fest in Záhorská Bystrica The traditional celebration of Maypole Setting on the last day of April took place at the Family Square in Záhorská Bystrica. The weather was not very favourfable, The kiosks were offering their specialties and the drinks, among which the beer and wine were most appreciated. So, the mood was great and the people anxciously awaited the arrival of the Maypole. The 25 metres long Maypole was brought to the square by horses at 6 p.m. being accompanied by the local voluntary firemen as well, as the Bystričan choir singing folk songs. After setting the May pole with the help of the hydraulics, the cultural programe could begin by the speech of Mr. Jozef Krúpa, the mayor of Záhorská Bystrica. Next, the Bystričan choir being led and accordion accompanied by it´s choirmaster, Štefan Martinkovič performed and pleased the audience with severall folk songs from their new CD called Spívavé Záhorí. The merriment last untill the heavy rain plunged the attendants into the nearby restaurant, where the amusement went on. It was a very pronounced evening thanks not only to the performers, but also the organizers and the local voluntary firemen.