July 2018

On Sunday, July 1, the Small Feast in Záhorská Bystrica took place at the main Square of the Family. The program was opened by the singing choir Bystričan, who offered the feast audience severall songs from their new CD having been in preparing. Extra capturing were the a´ capella songs „Zaspívali sebje“, „Ket já smutný pújdem“ and the vintage song „U Hochštetna“ sang glee with the conduction of the choirmaster Štefan Martinkovič. Also the other three songs, conducted by the accordion of Štefan Martinkovič, „Za hory, za doly“, „V síni dolinečka“, and cheerfull wedding song „Veselú mamičko“ pleased the audience.

The Festival of senior singing choirs in Dúbravka took place on Saturday, July 14 2018 in Dúbravka´s Palace of culture. There were 10 choirs attending the Festival. The singing choir Bystričan from Záhorská Bystrica could not be missing.The singers offered their audience in a sound and elated effort severall songs from the 3rd CD in preparing, but also some older songs being conducted by the choirmaster Štefan Martinkovič playing the accordion. Especially attractive were the a´capella songs
„Zaspívali sebje“ and a vintage song „U Hochštetna“, but also two duetts „Ráno, ráno“ and „Na cichém Dunaji“ presented by Viera Klčová, Eva Frťalová and Martin Besedič. The appearance of the choir Bystričan ranked among the top ones at the Festival, which is a good sign of the systematic work not only the choirmaster Martinkovič, but also the singers, which fact will cerftainly reflect on the quality of the new CD in preparing.